Common Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios


A comprehensive solution for the entire property, covering both common and apartment doors. Residents can manage their own access rights using the Cube Access Application, which also replaces the intercom with remote door opening functionality.


A solution for both staff and guests, Cube Access provides a system that connects all doors in a hotel or hostel. Doors and configurations are managed remotely. Staff can use a card or key fob to open doors, while guests can use a code without needing to download an app or create an account—ideal for unmanned facilities.

Commercial Real Estate

An online, open and cloud-based access control system is an important part of the foundation for a digital building. Access to real-time data and simple integrations enable innovation and optimal utilization of resources.

School and College Campuses

Empower educational institutions with tailored access control solutions. Manage access to classrooms, dormitories, and administrative areas effortlessly. Enhance security while keeping the flow of students, faculty, and staff smooth across campus facilities.


Prioritize patient safety with our specialized access control solutions for healthcare facilities. Seamlessly manage access to sensitive areas like patient rooms and laboratories. With our intuitive platform, maintaining compliance and creating a safe environment is simpler than ever.


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