Cube Access

Cube Access is an online, open, and cloud-based access control system, serving as a crucial component for any building or facility. Cube Access enables innovation and maximizes resource utilization by providing access to real-time data and seamless integrations.

Cube Access’s solutions are suitable for a wide range of properties, including residential buildings, hotels, hostels, office spaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

The Cube Access Application simplifies managing access rights. Using the intuitive app interface, users can effortlessly grant guests access, adjust their access permissions, and remotely open doors.

Cube Access prioritizes security through encrypted communications, regular software updates, and robust access control measures. With instant access rights revocation and comprehensive entry logging, Cube Access provides peace of mind for property owners and managers.

Remote door management is seamlessly executed through the Cube Access platform. Property managers have full control over configuring access permissions, monitoring entry logs, and managing doors remotely from any location with internet access.

No, Cube Access offers scalability without a fixed limit on the number of users or access rights. Whether managing a small property or a large complex, Cube Access adapts to meet the needs of any size facility.

Cube Access provides comprehensive troubleshooting and technical assistance support through its dedicated customer service team. Clients can access assistance via phone, email, or online chat to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently.

No, Cube Access does not sell hardware for access control systems. However, Cube Access is an essential component of hardware functionality, providing the online, open, and cloud-based access control system necessary for managing and monitoring access rights.

Cube Access’s cloud-based access control system offers numerous benefits, including real-time data access, seamless integrations with third-party software, remote management capabilities, scalability, and enhanced security features such as encrypted communications and instant access revocation.

Yes, Cube Access’s solutions are highly customizable to meet each property’s unique requirements. From adjusting access permissions and door configurations to integrating with existing systems and implementing tailored security protocols, Cube Access ensures flexibility and adaptability to suit any property’s needs.


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